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Monday, August 15, 2011

Straight Talk

Yeah that's right, I went from three straight blogs about Gary Busey to Dolly Parton, don't like it? Tough.

This movie is a straight up classic. It dosen't get much better than Dolly telling it like it is and taking no prisoners. I also love the fact that when deciding on the romantic lead for the down home country girl they thought "James Woods" perfect!!!!

I love how this movie starts...showing our heroine is as dumb as a box of rocks. Nothing says "look up to me" like being a moron who gets treated like shit by Michael Madsen.

Can't have a Dolly movie without a spirited song...this is no exception.

right cause I'm gonna risk my life for some kook hillbilly jumping off a bridge.

I have a strange feeling I'm going to be doing more James Woods' movies on here in the near future.

I think the only reason James Woods didn't kill Dolly for messing up his thing with Teri Hatcher is that she's got big boobs.

HAHAHA OJ Simpson joke pre-murder trial.

I think that all movies would be made better with Griffin Dunne. All movies.

Ah mistaken identity, the staple of many a good comedy.

Griffin Dunne is the master of sarcasm.

So I've seen this movie a bunch of times and I just realized that the radio station in Chicago is "WNDY" as in windy. I'm a noob

Wow, I kind of want to punch Dolly in the face right now.

Nothing quite like a joke involving a chick with big boobs and one of the "biggest" guys in hollywood.

Oh man James Woods is soooo upset about messing up his relationship with Dolly that he can't even play softball.

Honk your horns for the woman who ruined all our lives!!!!!

The End

FUN FACT: Jerry Orbach actually makes any movie he's involved in better by 37.8%

FINAL THOUGHT: "Get down off the cross honey, somebody needs the wood"

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Under Seige

I was a bit worried about doing Under Seige for my third review, seeing as my first two were both for Gary Busey movies. I don't want people to think that this is a "Busey Blog," although, tell me you wouldn't read that.

I was looking for something to watch the other day and there simply is no better choice than a good old fashioned Steven Seagal flick. Even though he was in movies before and after this, I would consider this to be his best. Not only does it have some of the best (worst) one-liners in his arsenal (keep the faith Stranix), but it also has a stellar supporting cast.

Tommy Lee Jones stars opposite Mr Seagal as the bad guy. I will repeat, Tommy Lee Jones as the bad guy...feel free to pause the reading of this blog to go rent it now.

Then of course you have Gary Busey, eating scenery like he won't be fed for a month. During the course of this film he gets decked by Seagal, dresses in drag, hocks a loogie into some boullibase, and helps start a revolution, all in a days work for Mr Busey.

Rounding out the cast is some prostitute, Chief O'Brian, about 17 "hey it's that guys", and everyone's favorite red headed secret service agent, Aaron Pierce.

I would defenately reccomend this to anyone, young and old alike. It has plenty of ridiculous action scenes on par with your Road Houses and your VanDammes, and there is a bit of the sexy for all of us; Erika Elanik for the fellas and of course for the ladies, well, I already mentioned Aaron Pierce.

Fun Fact: The frist hundred or so times I saw this movie, I thought it was Steven Seagal dancing in the galley scene toward the joke.

Final Thought: If you do not rent this movie Gary Busey will pull your endocrine system out of your body"

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

D.C. Cab

Ah, Busey. If there is one constant in this world, it isn't that Chuck Norris is a bad ass, it isn't that Charlie Sheen is a douche, it's that Gary Busey is entertaining as shit.

I love DC Cab. It is one of the best of the 80's. Adam Baldwin is super cute and any movie starring Busey and Mr T. can not be bad.

Sure it's a bit cheesy (we goin on the ruuuuuuuun!), but it's an 80's movie and if you don't like cheese, you should avoid the 80's at all costs.

So rent DC Cab (or borrow it from me) and have an awesome night of cabbies, montages, and flame throwers.

Fun Fact: Watching DC Cab and Car Wash back to back will make you see Jesus.

Final Thought: Dell will not work on Elvis' birthday.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Predator 2

     As the inaugural movie review on my brand spanking new blog, I chose the film that I am watching as I write.  It not only shows my lack of creativity, it also shows my crap taste in extra curricular activities, and I thought I should be honest right off the bat. 

     As I watch Predator 2, all I can think is: "hey!  this movie has a serious lack of 'predator.'"   Not that I'm picky about plot (I watch America's Next Top Model), but if I am watching a movie, I would expect the title character to at least be seen at some point.

     Seriously, what a piece of shit this movie is.  I would suggest NEVER watching the first one and then may want to throw your TV out the window.  The first predator was so bad-ass, with all the Schwarzenegger, Ventura, and Weather-ness.  The predator was scary as shit and the death scenes were nice and gory.  Predator 2, however, kind of blows.  Now don't get me wrong, watching Bill Paxton being thrown across a subway train by an invisible killer is kind of a dream of mine, but the rest of the movie is, well, boring.  An action/sci fi should never be described as boring, especially if it stars Danny "Murtaugh" Glover.  He is the most bad ass old doughy dude in the history of film, and to use him for a hunk of junk like this, is a disgrace to movie making.

     Fun fact: I have seen this movie well over 5 times.

     Final thought:  Any movie where you can actually say "this is a serious waste of Gary Busey's talent" isn't worth the film it was made on.