Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Predator 2

     As the inaugural movie review on my brand spanking new blog, I chose the film that I am watching as I write.  It not only shows my lack of creativity, it also shows my crap taste in extra curricular activities, and I thought I should be honest right off the bat. 

     As I watch Predator 2, all I can think is: "hey!  this movie has a serious lack of 'predator.'"   Not that I'm picky about plot (I watch America's Next Top Model), but if I am watching a movie, I would expect the title character to at least be seen at some point.

     Seriously, what a piece of shit this movie is.  I would suggest NEVER watching the first one and then this...you may want to throw your TV out the window.  The first predator was so bad-ass, with all the Schwarzenegger, Ventura, and Weather-ness.  The predator was scary as shit and the death scenes were nice and gory.  Predator 2, however, kind of blows.  Now don't get me wrong, watching Bill Paxton being thrown across a subway train by an invisible killer is kind of a dream of mine, but the rest of the movie is, well, boring.  An action/sci fi should never be described as boring, especially if it stars Danny "Murtaugh" Glover.  He is the most bad ass old doughy dude in the history of film, and to use him for a hunk of junk like this, is a disgrace to movie making.

     Fun fact: I have seen this movie well over 5 times.

     Final thought:  Any movie where you can actually say "this is a serious waste of Gary Busey's talent" isn't worth the film it was made on.